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The Mathematics Digital Library

The Mathematics Digital Library is a digital library of mathematics questions.

I am slowly digitizing mathematics questions and putting them online for the benefit of everyone. I will also be inviting students and teachers to help solve them. All you need is some knowledge of MathJax and a passion for mathematics. MathJax is not difficult to learn, and there are many good resources on the World Wide Web. If you're interested to join me, please contact me.

To read more about The Mathematics Digital Library, here is the About page.

These is an incomplete list of textbooks that I own. I will be digitizing the questions starting from the books in my collection. It's quite a slow process, but I hope to build up a collection that is useful to most secondary students in time.

This was the very first page I created.

I am currently working on how to organise this site so that the content (questions and solutions) can be accessed more systematically.








Pure Mathematics Mechanics Probability
Geometry Forces and equilibrium Probability
Algebra Momentum Statistics
Calculus Newton’s laws of motion