4.1 Solving Quadratic Equations

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Solve the following equations:

Question 1(a) \[x^{2}+4x-77=0\]
Question 1(b) \[2y^{2}-7y-15=0\]
Question 1(c) \[x^{2}+8x+3=0\]
Question 1(d) \[5z^{2}+3z-2=0\]
Question 1(e) \[x^{4}-3x^{2}+1=0\]
Question 1(f) \[3y^{4}-2y^{2}-7=0\]
Question 1(g) \[x^{6}+4x^{3}+2=0\]
Question 1(h) \[x^{2}=1+\frac{1}{x^{2}}\]
Question 1(i) \[\left(2x+1\right)^{2}+3\left(2x+1\right)-9=0\]
Question 1(j) \[\frac{3}{y^{2}}-\frac{7}{y}+2=0\]