Curve Sketching

Title: Curve Sketching

Authors: H.M. Kenwood and C. Plumpton

Year of Publication: 1983

Published by: Macmillan Education

Chapter 1: Algebraic Curves

  • The straight line and line pairs
  • Regions defined by linear inequalities
  • The quadratic function
  • The cubic function
  • Some properties of functions
  • Steps towards a general method for curve sketching
  • Parametric representation
  • The sketching of more difficult algebraic curves

Chapter 2: Transcendental Curves

  • The circular functions
  • The inverse circular functions
  • Further parametric representation of curves
  • Exponential functions
  • Hyperbolic functions
  • Logarithm functions

Chapter 3: Curve Sketching in Polar Coordinates

  • Polar coordinates
  • Curve sketching in polar coordinates

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