Calculus Made Easy

Title: Calculus Made Easy (being the very-simplest introduction to those beautiful methods of reckoning which are generally called by the terrifying names of the differential calculus and the integral calculus)

Author: Silvanus Phillips Thompson



Chapter 1: To deliver you from the preliminary terrors

Chapter 2: On different degrees of smallness

Chapter 3: On relative growings

Chapter 4: Simplest cases

Chapter 5: Next stage.  What to do with constants

Chapter 6: Sums, Differences, products and quotients

Chapter 7: Successive differentiation

Chapter 8: When time varies

Chapter 9: Introducing a useful didge

Chapter 10: Geometrical meaning of differentiation

Chapter 11: Maxima and minima

Chapter 12: Curvature of curves

Chapter 13: Other useful dodges

Chapter 14: On true compound interest and the law of organic growth

Chapter 15: How to deal with sines and cosines

Chapter 16: Partial differentiation

Chapter 17: Integration

Chapter 18: Integration as the reverse of differentiation

Chapter 19: On finding areas by integration

Chapter 20: Dodges, pitfalls and triumphs

Chapter 21: Finding solutions

Chapter 22: A little more about curvature of curves

Chapter 23: How to find the length of an arc on a curve

Epilogue and apologue

Table of Standard Forms

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Dr. Lee teaches at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He founded The Mathematics Digital Library in 2013.

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